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Automotive evolution

Ac Rolcar is the leading distributor on the international aftermarket. It is present in 40 countries and designs, manufactures and distributes window regulators. Its product catalog continues to grow and is constantly updated with some 2,900 designed, engineered, and tested window regulators. Ac Rolcar’s two facilities, which both feature a production and logistics area of more than 3,000 sqm, are dedicated to technological research, quality production, and distribution using state-of-the-art logistics.

Ac Rolcar was established by Ermando Castiglioni in 1986, in partnership with the original equipment component producer Roltra Morse S.p.A.. Ac Rolcar was set up with the specific task of distributing car parts for the OES (Original Equipment Services) market and the IAM (Independent After Market). As a result of the need to expand its range, Ac Rolcar set up its own independent production unit in the Genoa province in 1992.

In 2009, Ac Rolcar purchased Siccom S.r.l. the business unit, which had been set up in 1995, and was a former investee of Saiag Industria. The Siccom brand products – such as door and boot seals, windscreen and rear window seals, flocked seals, fuel hoses, sheets, and mats – expand the range offered in the Ac Rolcar product catalog. Ac Rolcar is a leader in its sector, able to carry out the entire production process from design to distribution, and is responsive to market needs.

Ac Rolcar design commences with the close analyses of the original window regulator, rigorous testing of its performance on the car door and laboratory testing of the sub-components to ensure the quality of the materials.

This allows the development of top-quality pieces that perfectly match the performance and quality of the OEM parts. Ac Rolcar’s research never stops.

From raw materials to the finished product. Production comprises the following steps: design, prototyping, testing, tooling, production roll out and final testing.
Ongoing market surveys mean that Ac Rolcar can develop window regulators for the highest-selling vehicles in the world, as well as for the most exclusive vehicles, with the inclusion of some 200 new codes every year.

CNC machines, robotised systems, specific welding and assembly equipment and computerised benches. Fully certified production, materials, assembly and testing.

All articles are produced to the most rigorous design standards using selected materials tested on-site to the highest level. Reliability and durability are the company objectives that underpin the development of each article.

Ac Rolcar’s tests are the most advanced in its sector. The Ac Rolcar quality is GLOBE-certified to EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Also Ac Rolcar’s logistics uses state-of-the-art technological solutions, innovative systems that given the company the maximum flexibility and rapid response to the typically urgent and immediate requirements of the aftermarket. Ac Roclar is present in 40 countries: Albania, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, United States, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine and Hungary…